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Our work is conditioned only by the interests of the Customer.
The continuous growth of the company is the result of the commitment and enthusiasm of a large group of specialists in the various fields of intervention.


From design to technology

The company
The company

CAED is an engineering consulting company operating in Italy and abroad in the fields of infrastructures and civil works.


Its continuos growth is a result of the commitment, dedication and enthusiasm of a large group of specialists from different sectors.


CAED provides its customers with a wealth of experience acquired in the field of civil engineering and transport infrastructures.

  • Rigorous quality performance control and commitment to achieving excellence results enable us to give our customers loyalty and obtain our quality system certification in accordance with ISO 9001/2008



and technical experience of our staff are the main sources of CAED ‘s strength and the reason why our Clients have full trust in us.


From feasibility studies to design, from document preparation for tenders to works management, to the assessment phase, CAED is able to provide the highest quality and agreed costs.

Offer Phase

This is why in the offer phase we involve all resources crucial for a precise understanding of our Clients needs and careful use of human resources as well as detailed planning.


Roads and Motorways

CAED has the experience to implement any type of road or motorway project. Our experience ranges from that of new constructions to enlargement of existing roads, even in the presence of heavy traffic.


Our company operates in the sector of alignment studies and civil works for both traditionan railway lines and the high speed lines.


In the field of infrastructures as well as civil works, CAED has the necessary skills to develop studies of concrete structures (reinforced and prestressed), steel structures and relative foundation works. Significant experience has been acquired in restoration and enlargement of existing structures.

Architecture, town planning, environment

The sustainable town and architectural planning execution is an essencial goal for CAED. Therefore, the respect for the environment and energetic optimization are not bonds, but a motivationg force to provide an higher project quality, also with reference to the management aspects and projected intervention.


The experience of our company covers the entire sector of airports works: air side (runways, taxiways, aprons and holding bays) and land side (terminals, car parks and airportaccess roads).

Management of works and technical assistance

CAED provides its Clients any technical assistance with highly qualified professionals for the preparation of documents for tenders (contracts, bill of quantities, specifications)as well as the supervision of work construction.

Geotechnics, hydrology and hydraulics

Our services are not limited to the geotechnical sector of transport infrastructures (geological survey, soil investigation, laboratory and field tests), but also include the studies of foundation and supporting structures (r.c. and sheetpile retaining walls, reinforced earth and ground anchorage) and special studies regarding geological distresses (landslides, slope erosion).CAED is able to provide the services of hydraulic engineering for transport infrastructures (sewerage systems of platforms and hydraulic crossings) as well as to the more complex works (fluvial hydraulics, aqueducts, water supply networks, storm water networks and waste water networks).

Architecture, restoration and development of archaeological sites

Whilst working in Italy and partiulary in Rome, CAED was continuously and inevitably confronted with the History of the territory and its monuments. This allowed CAED to acquire considerable experience in the management of restoration interventions and in the development of archaeological sites. CAED always takes into great account the sites where their architectures are placed, in search of an architectural language in continuity with history.

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